June 5, 2021


Alec, Eric, Richard, Josh

Servers & Deployment

    Working on deploying from here.
    Seed data is currently generic.
    VPN is turned on
    New droplets=VPS=server should go in the SF hadoop


    We we can run these in containers under a namespace
      going to stop using SSH but only for the VPN server


    It's tough when people work on the same dataset at the same time. We should consider reducing the size of possible submission areas.
    Getting datasets before getting agencies is a terrible user experience. Having a complete Agencies table is going to be critical for encouraging people to submit and use datasets.
    We should monitor how much time we spend on Dolt bounties. Right now it looks like Eric's in there periodically throughout the day.


    Working on readmes and .env to get it running locally and deployable
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