2021-05-05 Leadership Cadence


05 May 2021

05 May 2021 Participants

Josh Chamberlain

Will Beaumont

@eddie brown

Alec Akin

Richard Ji

Past Action items

  • Will Beaumont List organization in Amazon employee volunteer portal

  • Alec Akin Continue to engage w/ Patrick about fundraising

  • Alec Akin Club House feedback from Kristin

Discussion topics




Registered Agent

@Eddie Brown

  • Contacted to verify that we have met the filing deadline

  • Thinks we have not filed

Executive Director

@Eddie Brown

  • Stephanie Cord-Miller is being considered

  • Wants to meet further with the board to understand our capability

Roadmap Update

  • Get data to the place were it can be shared

    • Define the scheme

    • We need PostgreSQL

      • Alec Akin digital ocean has an option for hosting PostgreSQL

        • Richard Jimost interested in newest version, digital ocean offers a past version for stability

  • Scrapers want to scrape and not deal with data admin

  • Alec Akinand Josh Lintag: What does it take to publish a proof of concept

    • Focus on getting bare bones up

    • Server to accept bulk data files

  • Proof of concept for data mirror, local scraping, project status view available

    • Need to be be careful because chain of custody is not available in these demos

    • Should we wait for VPN?

      • Alec Akinwe are ok to continue, SSH key probably provides adequate protection right now

      • Richard Jiprobably ok, we should run a server update soon to reduce exposure

  • Migrating from Jira to Github

Amazon employee volunteer portal

  • Waiting for IRS to complete to avoid rejection by Amazon audit team

Action items

  • Alec AkinVPN/firewall setup

  • @Eddie Brown Need PDAP accounting for service