August 7, 2021

Richard got hadoop up and running
Dolt datasets could be stored there
We should not run scrapers on the hadoop box because there's no authentication right now, they should be run on digitalocean if anywhere.
VPN access info is available for gsuite folks
Dev is in New York, Production is in San Francisco. They can't talk to each other at the moment without a VPN. Keeping our infrastructure in one place may be worth looking at in the future :shrug:
We could use Lambda, maybe not worth considering a change at the moment.

Stabs x Pythonidaer working session

Generated a file, success!
We need to explain the path to Hadoop when it exists
Scrapers can contribute to documentation as they learn


Zenhub is nice
Feedback welcome on the front page (
Main site is down, moving to simpler HTML/CSS for the two pages: Home and FAQ
Could be CMS driven / as accessible as possible

Miner pool

Distributed mining pool is a good metaphor to think about—our scrapers could run like that. People could use their compute power. Like reverse torrenting. Or something.
Data itself could be stored as NFT

Volunteer / Community Management

We don't have anyone to do this. We should better get to know our volunteers, and keep in touch with people in a meaningful way.
Right now the only place is Discord, how can we be more inclusive there / tie GitHub / DoltHub contributions to Discord in some way. Be clear about who's contributing!
How can we make it clear that there's always a seat at the table for new people?
Stabs to make "how many people made PRs in github and dolthub this month" show up in Discord somehow via web scraping?!
On the front page rewrite, Josh + team to write copy letting people know they're welcome
  • Stabs and Josh to change each other's discord server settings
Lots of updates made to the readmes.