2021-02-17 Leadership Cadence Notes


17 Feb 2021



  • HDFS update

  • Prod website update

  • Trademark

  • Crypto

Discussion topics




HDFS update

  • WIP, adding documentation and tests to harden the work

  • Pivot from this work to work on website


  • Copy changes up to production website

  • We have evidence of people looking through it and subscribing to the mailing list

  • Will require PayPal button for donations, should be simplistic


  • Good progress, Eddie has been working with A&P

  • Costs to trademark logo/mission will be ~ $500

Paypal account

  • Josh and Eddie have full management access

  • Working with PayPal around non-profit discounts

Change of address/ registered agent

  • Still waiting on the state to get back to Rob in order for us to move forward

  • We’ll enter a contract with him as soon as that happens


  • Kristin will be reaching out to promising donors

  • Buffed up slide deck will be very helpful


  • Will be getting in contact with DANA to ask about core services

Technical expertise/blockchain

  • Connections with a mentor, possible avenue for expertise

    • Blockchain tech resource

  • Eddie working through blockchain resources, will layout some options on direction

    • Let’s hammer down some constraints to be able to narrow focus and direct efforts to see what we want this solution to look like

Copy work/documentation

  • Reddit wiki pointing to one place

  • Working on the slide deck

  • Possible rework with the website in order to make it more accessible to an open source treatment

Action items