Brand assets


Our goal is to be welcoming, trusted, and focused. Everyone who abides by our community guidelines is encouraged to participate, and we should be friendly—but we're mostly here to get work done and advance our mission.


The open-source Google Font Public Sans is our official web font.

For monospace, we can use Source Code Pro.

For print, we can use the free Google Font Libre Franklin. It's a predecessor of Public Sans, and may look more refined in print.

We shouldn't use any other fonts.

Design system

This repository is the starting point for building a new PDAP front end app or microservice.


--off-white: #fffbfa;
--light-gray: #bfc0c0;
--medium-gray: #515052;
--gold: #d5a23c;
--byzantium: #512a4f;

Logos & Marks

We don't have the font used for the original logo but we have vector copies of it, so it can be infinitely scaled and converted to any color.

Don't add drop shadows or outlines.


Infinitely scalable. Use these whenever possible, especially if you need to change the color or insert it into a print design.


Conveniently exported to pixels. Use these for things like social media profile pictures.

Inverted logos & marks

These are invisible on a white background, so they have been attached as files.

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