2020-10-21 Leadership Cadence


21 Oct 2020



  • Come up with a few tasks to focus on for Technical Working Session

Discussion topics



Slack Standup

  • Doesn’t really get used. Should we turn it off? Change the frequency?

Board membership filing

  • Paperwork around incorporation was handed over to A&P last week

    • Though the incorporation and nonprofit application are serial, it's assumed that A&P is working on both in parallel

  • We wanted to get minimum number of folks to get simple majority

    • As soon as incorporation happens we can adjust the board membership as we see fit

    • Current positions:

      • President - Kristin

      • Chair - Eddie

      • Treasurer - Alec

      • Secretary - Josh


  • Splunk is an incredible initial solution for aggregating the data

    • Helps us make informed analysis on the data that we have

    • Helps us visualize raw trends

    • Provides marketing real estate for the work we’re doing; a lot of the work we’ve been doing so far isn’t particularly “visual”, so this bridges the visual gap

    • Minimal constraints around uploading the data for free

  • First Splunk meeting went well. We’ll need to address a few questions around the technical aspects of the partnership

    • Self hosting or cloud?

      • What does the payment plan need to look like?

        • Cloud storage

        • Higher data velocities

        • Any computation

      • Self hosting would be enterprise with a 10 GB limit

      • We’re currently using their cloud for free, just a few limitations around how much/often data can be uploaded

    • Given our needs and in terms of the offerings, what would be best for us?

    • Data transformation offerings/advice for incongruent field values

  • Questions around limitations on users/licenses/credentials

  • Next meeting this Friday at 2:30 PM CDT

  • Goal of one visual product with caption per week?

    • It’s incredibly important to show the measure of our work, even in bits and pieces, to the public at large

Assign newsletter chunks

Open-Source CRM?

  • We wanted to spin up some sort of CRM to help the internal comms team

    • We’ll de-prioritize this (but ultimately leave it to the team on what they want to do)


  • Reaching out to Dave but we’ll touch base with Richard and strap down a plan on how to move forward

Action items


  • Adjust the weekly slack bot to use a single question to query for topics to talk about for the cadence

  • Open-Source CRM not a current priority