2021-01-13 Leadership Cadence Notes


13 Jan 2021



  • Discussion

    • Admin consolidation with core tools

      • Contact Subreddit

    • Financing progress

    • pdap.io site

Discussion topics




Admin consolidation

  • Updated payment method/address for Google Workspace

  • Consolidated signed incorporation docs

  • Need to get in touch with r/DataPolice to adjust info

pdap.io progress

  • It’s up!

  • Uses static site features that makes it free for DO

  • New repo for it found in gatsby-pdap-frontpage

Scraper proof of concept

  • portia - non-technical scraping solution

  • We’ve got a demo in leadership channel working

Wells Fargo account

  • Application was submitted for review but it timed out

  • Re-submitted application with corrected corp invoice information

    • Hopefully it’ll get expedited according to Wells Fargo instructions

  • Eddie Brown (Unlicensed) to seed funds for initial licenses

Volunteer resources

  • Working on slack integrations

    • Adjusting Greetbot for new wave of volunteers

    • Requires removing some existing apps

  • Volunteer management and approval form is ready to go; pending legal approval

  • User attribution to scraped data - keybase.io

Core Team/Board page on site

  • Would be good to have an area showcasing core team to contact in terms of

    • Customer relationships

    • Resource to help orient folks

Action items