2020-11-25 Leadership Cadence Notes


25 Nov 2020



Discussion topics




Chief Technology Officer

Incorporation and 501c3 status

  • Eddie reached out to A&P asking about timelines on incorporation and 501c3 status

  • A&P hopefully received our “pressure” for timeline

  • Need to brush up a few details about IRS filing

  • Likely 2 or 3 more weeks until filing

Software offerings for non-profit discounts

  • Most software companies end up using a third party to confirm non-profit status before offering discounts

  • Likely legal grey area for both parties if you promise a “pending” non-profit status

Confluence Standard Trial Ended

  • What we lose going from Confluence Standard to Freemium:

    • Restricted to 10 users (matches our current Jira restriction)

    • Space and Page permissions

    • Allowing anonymous access to our Confluence site

  • With 501c3 status we can get either a free Server (self-hosted) installation or 75% off of Cloud licenses

  • Possible next steps as interim until 501c3 status:

    • Ride the free plan out and continue developing/improving our project documentation, but not be allowed to share pages publicly

    • Pay for a couple of Standard ($5/month) accounts. They'd be designated "content editors"

    • Get a Server deployment for 10 users. Would be $10 total, as an upfront cost.

      • Pros: Cheaply build out our Confluence and be able to share it all publicly.

        • Can also tack Jira onto our Server for another $10.

        • Transitions well if we decide on the free Server w/our 501c3

      • Cons: Would have to pay for our hosting

        • Time getting things set up

        • If we decide on the 75% discount for cloud, we would have to migrate our data back

  • Good idea to think about not spending money trying to predict what PDAP might be in the future

Industry Connection and Board Diversity

  • Eddie made a connection with Burke Brownfeld

    • Very interested in the outlook of our project and how we are trying to achieve change

  • Eddie would like to tap into him as a resource for identifying diversity for the PDAP board

PDAP Architecture Workshop Review

Action items


  • Continue with Atlassian Freemium