2021-03-10 Leadership Cadence Notes


10 Mar 2021



Discussion topics




Title changes

  • Learnings from DANA

    • Titles generally are *Directors i.e. Executive Director vs CEO

Registered Agent

  • Rob has us enqueued for our taxes, so that should be good to go


  • Following up on opportunities with LaunchCode, potentially partner with inmates/former inmates


  • Have pending meetings with higher ups with Axon

Dev team

  • Likely need to own our own Azure environment for them to work out of

  • .Net Core tech stack

  • Potentially have a draft of SOW by end of the week


  • Alec has a connection that is interested in writing up a story for us

  • Kristin can do a media blitz as soon as we’re ready

Data validation

  • Reached out to volunteer scraper of the Washington state UCR data and filling out the metadata for the scraper code and data

M+R reach out

  • First intros made, pending conversations

Recovering accounts

  • Alec following up with Dave still about policedap.org

    • Have existing documents that direct folks to policedap.org which is problematic


  • Josh C. generally overlooking work around the website

    • Potentially shifting away from Gatsby

    • There’s a few things that may require updates

Donation design considerations

  • Current flow to donations are not as intuitive as it could be

  • Zach’s gonna take a stab at it

Grantwriting update

  • Richard reached out to Benjamin

    • He’s very interested and will be looking into it

Action items


  • Changing titles to include * Director vs Chief *