October 2, 2021


We need to firm up support for unprocessed data, this issue needs some work to solidify what we need: https://github.com/Police-Data-Accessibility-Project/scrapers/issues/80

Azure setup

Risk: abuse that eats through our credit or destroys our data.

https://www.openmined.org/ is a way to facilitate data analysis with an encrypted / private middle layer. Could be used for address/name removal/hiding.


Our profile is here: https://www.guidestar.org/profile/85-4207132

We're at gold, and to get platinum will need an independent evaluation, likely by a consultant.

Social media / outreach

Josh working on additional "language guidelines" for talking about PDAP, in addition to the brand assets.

Alec secured new Instagram and Twitter accounts that we can get verified and start using.

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