2021-05-19 Leadership Cadence


19 May 2021

19 May 2021 Participants

Josh Chamberlain

@eddie brown

Will Beaumont

Discussion topics




Fundraising questions vs larger revenue model


  • Needs more time for topic

Podcast “Why don’t we know”


  • Recording Thursday morning 27MAY

Trusted agent


  • Taxes has been filed


  • Setup in Josh’s name to get started

    • Looking to setup into PDAP account proper

    • Need backup person for redundancy

General Feedback

  • Too many insider terms

  • Why are we doing it is more important than the how (technical details)

  • Why is the data important!!

    • Why is information power

Other success/ideas on how to model ourselves

  • During development we should consider focusing down to sharpen our project

    • Focus on inward growth?

    • Show how powerful it can be in one community

  • Next step grow to larger goals

  • Consider starting with Minneapolis? 26 May 2021 might be possible to achieve

Dolt Hub/database

  • We are a collection of different data - dolt is not necessarily build for this

    • Solution is to try and achieve our needs in the fewest number of data sets

    • Focus on single agency before growing

      • Try not to spend all of our $dolt on one agency

Action items