2021-01-27 Leadership Cadence Notes


27 Jan 2021



  • Removal of inactive accounts on Google Workspace

  • Google drive volunteer access

  • Site subscriptions

  • Address change

  • Logos

Discussion topics





  • Currently exchanging information with a trademark lawyer through A&P

Registered Agent

  • Haven’t heard from Rob Brand yet; will be following up


  • Will be having a meeting with DANA with our opening pitch; meet and greet

Removal of inactive accounts in Google Workspace

  • Removed Garrett’s account to minimize costs

  • Moved over any data from that account to Josh Lintag 's account for posterity

Google Drive accesses

  • Work with Former user (Deleted) on ideal behavior of documentation access

  • We may build out a Data Classification doc to keep track of what levels of access certain types of data will have

Address change

  • Pending Rob Brand’s registration of Change of Agent form; officialize by board decision last Saturday

Site subscriptions

  • Now pointing to correct MailChimp account

Domain change for google workspace accounts

Documentation and volunteer flow

  • Will Beaumont quality testing through volunteer flow

  • Front page development changes that hasn’t been pushed yet.

    • Work through it in working session

  • Still need a golden sample of a scraper


  • Bank accounts setup, can apply financing to our accounts

  • We’ll be reimbursing folks

Action items


  • Hour change of cadence to be an hour earlier