2020-11-12 Leadership Cadence


12 Nov 2020



  • Formative documents update Data update (who, what, where, how)

  • Fundraising

  • Volunteer/tasking update

Discussion topics




Filing update

  • Updated A&P last week - no negative feedback

  • Anticipate end of December before incorporation

Database tools

  • Splunk

    • Good tool, concerned about the price

    • May not be the perfect tool, but we have experience and ownership with Alec.

    • Discussion next week on alternate open-source tools

      • Look for what is popular and common.

  • Custom Stack

    • Do we have time to accomplish this?

    • More flexibility by using open-source software


  • Questions to consider

    • Are there people we would not accept funds from?

      • Worried about strings attached to money

    • Would/can we accept anonymous donations?

  • As an educational non-profit, we need to spread out our funding sources.

  • We will need to plan/budget for potential donations.

Project Management

  • Working withFormer user (Deleted) for project management and Confluence development

    • Breaking down into tasks with time estimations

Volunteer engagement

  • Working on a message to volunteers

    • Thank you

    • Call to action

  • Thank Constantine for providing direction for new volunteers

Action items

  • Follow up on alternate tools for database management/analysis Richard Ji