2020-10-14 Leadership Cadence


14 Oct 2020



  • Discuss FOIA and board membership logistics

Discussion topics





  • Primer questions:

    • What do we do with FOIA?

    • How do we want to approach Stonewalling

    • What can we even do to compel valid responses from FOIA requests?

    • Is there a way to source the information around which agencies fulfill/evade requests

    • What are the gaps that we need information for that FOIA can fulfill?

    • What does our attitude need to look like when we interface with the other end of these FOIA requests?

      • FOIA is an activist endeavor - how far as a group should we take that at this moment in time?

  • Comparing federal agencies vs non-federal FOIA requests

    • Federal agencies

      • Generally consistent regarding the kind of information that we get

    • State and local

      • Complete dismissal/non response for requests

      • Invalid excuses on not being able to fulfill requests

        • I.e. “non-existing” documentation for involvement/support of OPERATION LEGEND will require the generation of new documents to fulfill the request; law enforcement doesn’t “have to comply” because they cite that FOIA only applies to already existing documents

      • Paywalled behind large pre-processing fees

      • Requests for what should be readily available information (such as mission statements) are rejected in FOIA requests

  • There’s value in the process of making FOIA requests, in addition to the content

    • They hold law enforcement accountable

    • Response/non-response can be tabulated as a data point

      • Metropolitan police departments have not been reliable in fulfilling requests

    • We can cross reference FOIA sourced data points with NIBRS/state-IBRS data points for inconsistencies

  • Current state of PDAP support for FOIA

    • For FOIA requests to take, there’s a need for legal representation that PDAP currently doesn’t have

      • It’s been mentioned that we can seek this legal representation out if it’s not A&P

      • We’ll have more pull once we’re incorporated and not simply a group

    • Volunteer data opportunity - get someone to make requests and keep count of who fulfills/evades requests

      • Identify what the expectations are for a request

      • Document actual experience and how it differs from expectations

  • Direction

    • Current issues with Muckrock preventing us from socializing the FOIA requests to the rest of the group

      • May require some follow up with Muckrock

    • As we flesh out the NIBRS/OIBRS comparisons, we’ll have more information on what is missing and what we could potentially have FOIA fill in


  • We’ll generally want folks that will be active participants and consistently around

  • How do we make sure we stay diverse, and what does that look like for us?

  • Leadership to DM Eddie for those interested

    • Full Name

    • Address


  • Alec taking the lead on interfacing with reps from Splunk

Action items

  • Zach GoulsonWill Beaumont Send Eddie a DM about board positions. Full name and address

  • Making a FOIA request that is in line with what the FBI requests of local jurisdictions