2020-09-30 Leadership Cadence


30 Sep 2020



  • Discuss PDAP focus

Discussion Notes

  • Reevaluate current situation

    • If we consider what we know now, what would we have changed coming into the project?

      • We had good momentum, would be good to know better way to keep it going

      • Being able to dig down into objectives quickly in order to orchestrate goals

        • We focused too heavily on leadership right away, when maybe objectives would be higher priority

      • A lot personal learnings for some

        • Being given direction for a few of us would have taken us pretty far, and perhaps for a lot of other volunteers. A lot of us didn’t know what we needed to do, and we did lack a structure with deadlines because of decentralization

        • Being able to scope to focus in on goals and targets

      • Decentralized nature of the project makes it important to centralize information; a lot of relevant dialogue/information exchange occurs that gets lost

        • Will help with folks taking on things when they know where to look for it

      • Volunteers that had longevity be given the longer term stuff

        • People would come in and overtask themselves and become overwhelmed

        • Some volunteers have high expectations and want to be told what to do

        • Folks wanted to come into the project to reap the “glory” and when it wasn’t panning out, they fell off

      • Stanford Ignite didn’t quite have the impact we expected it to, and we put too much stock in it

Project Updates:

  • Contacted A&P, apparently they got us documents back on 9/11 that we should have proofread

Action items