February 1, 2023

Updates from PDAP

Josh is still primarily working on grant application and collaboration with groups local to Pittsburgh using or generating data.

Jacob is working on long-term software projects related to more permanent Data Sources.

Known projects in need of help

  • Research on Southeast Arkansas (thread in #data-exchange)

    • scheduling a working session when we know more

    • we may have a connection in AK

  • San Francisco court scraper issue here (Jacob's been doing research and groundwork; ready to hand off or finish)

  • Research on Detroit Police Department (discussing new information today)

    • OPD would give the requestor the ability to request complaint and calls for service data, providing it as a Pandas dataframe

  • Machine learning identification of URLs

    • More notes about this project in recent community call notes

    • Scheduling a working session next week

    • Stocking wrote a crawler which PDAP can fork + keep in our repo to regex ID URLs → JSON labels; craeft offered to host stuff on a personal box for us to access/use

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