2021-05-26 Leadership Cadence


26 May 2021

26 May 2021 Participants

Alec Akin

Eric Turner

Richard Ji

Josh Chamberlain

@eddie brown

Will Beaumont

Discussion topics




Registered agent


  • IRS kicked back form

  • We got credit for doing/in the process of returning

Exec Director


  • No updates, will check in this week

Security Update



  • Dolt has been easy to work w/

  • Verify patreon is up to speed

    • Testing interface/copy

  • Minneapolis test case underway to showcase PDAP


  • ETL Library

    • Lookup agency, data type id

    • Working on pipeline

      • Req for builds to pass in order to approve

  • Dolt - July bounty expires

    • Only Katie can do PRs

    • No schema changes--bounty req

      • Need to create a branch until bounty is over

      • Eric Turner notifying #tech_general

Podcast “Why dont we know”


  • Podcast theme accidental secrets

  • Recording 27 May 2021



  • Balance ~$300

Social Time

  • Do we want to be deliberate about team building

  • Varies with individuals

    • Some people are open to the idea

    • Be conscious of time constraints

  • Will allow space outside of meetings using hangout room

Action items

  • Eric Turner push no PR policy for Dolt bounty to #tech_general