2020-12-02 Leadership Cadence Notes


02 Dec 2020



  • Check in on existing Action Items

  • Summarize current technical direction

Discussion topics




A&P Update

  • Representation hasn’t come back to us in regards to the status

Summary of yesterday’s technical discussion

  • Two experiments around being able to accommodate scraper data ingestion

    • Utilizing google drive

    • Standing up an SFTP server

  • Storage is a relatively simpler question to answer; we want to focus instead (for now) on having an entry point for scrapers to drop off data they’ve collected

  • We plan to reach out to scrapers that have existing data and collect it

  • We want to be mindful of cloud costs; we want to research restrictions/protections around common security/load concerns

Blocker around free license of JIRA/Confluence

  • We won’t be able to have a public facing presence with these tools because we’re on the free license

  • There are some workarounds, possibly leveraging google sheets

Action items