31 Mar 2021


Discussion topics




  • works as POC

  • requires scraper

  • Richard is waiting for a bug fix from dolt and will merge his branch after that


  • Former user (Deleted) add “convert data to a known type or create a new type” to scraper instructions

    • This is a good amount of work because all would need to be kept up to date

  • Former user (Deleted)We should use github to store the DDL scripts and reference it in dolthub, should make a folder for them

    • people would reference these → their columns would be kept up to date

  • Richard Ji basic Python style guide for scrapers

What data to collect

  • We need a decision / definition of “what we really want”

  • The decision from last meeting is something like

    • Accept all data that is up and out publicly

    • Tier and sort and prioritize data based on good or consistent formatting, but accept all legal public data. Omission is not a good start to our process if our goal is “a source of truth for police data.”

    • Only surface PII

    • Classification should not be a barrier—we only need to classify what is

  • Former user (Deleted) draft a policy → publish

Business / professional things

  • Eddie working with Denice Ross on New Jersey data that’s not public. Someone needs to explain to Eddie what’s going on with New Jersey data → he can use that as more specific rationale for more investigation

  • Eddie ensuring our taxes are paid.

Action items

  • Alec Akin to dig deeper on what blockers were for getting New Jersey data + communicate to Eddie

  • Richard Ji basic python style guide for beginner scrapers