2021-04-28 Leadership Cadence


28 Apr 2021


Alec Akin

Josh Chamberlain

Richard Ji

Will Beaumont

Past Action items

  • Josh Chamberlain Status update to @kristin and product roadmap to public

  • Josh Chamberlain Exploring open-source Kanban (Github, othersโ€ฆ)

  • @Eddie Brown Circle back with Executive Director position

Discussion topics





  • No great solutions for open source

  • Migrating to Github; It meets our needs, especially with the level of detail we need for new volunteers


  • We have open source approval and will not need to pay for Github

Digital Ocean

  • Awarded $1000 in funds for PDAP


  • New data_type table name to allow intake (base table)

    • Arrest reports, etc.

  • Eric Turner is close to having a working data schema; closer to saying yes to data

  • Helping gather databases and organizing what that we need to scrape

Club House

Other Help/Funding source

  • Paperwork from IRS is required to go forward


  • Secrets management from Keeper

    • PK management

    • Good enterprise solution/easy to use

  • Working to apply for wildcard cert for website security badge

  • VPN: Very important to maintain security as our group grows. It is another layer of security.

    • Wireguard VPN: high technical barrier

    • Wirespeed VPN: $5/cpu/month

      • working through limitations with our 2 data centers: 1 NY/ 1 SFO

        • currently we require 2 VPN for each data center

      • alternative is to migrate data to one center for simplicity

  • Looking to grow security team

Database Update

  • Postgre SQL database setup sent to Eric Turner

    • Support

    • Track records

    • Stable

    • Dolt had blocks and we have moved away

  • Interested in modeling

  • Looking into containerization for scrapers

    • A way for us to allow others to donate computing resources to extract data using scrapers

    • Makes it more difficult to block us

Executive Director

@Eddie Brown

  • No response from candidates

  • Moving on for the time being


@Eddie Brown

  • A&P charged $900 for non-profit incorperation

Action items

  • Will Beaumont List organization in Amazon employee volunteer portal

  • Alec Akin Continue to engage w/ Patrick about fundraising

  • Alec Akin Club House feedback from Kristin