2021-03-16 Leadership Cadence Notes


16 Mar 2021



  • PDAP Reorganization

    • Josh Lintag stepping back

    • Extend core volunteers - tech talent

    • Open up Jira/Confluence?

  • Immediate needs how to cultivate

    • tools to facilitate mass data collection by volunteers

    • tools to help us process and store data

Discussion topics




Executive Director

  • Dedicated position to help raise funds

  • Interviews start tomorrow

    • 1 no; 7 interviews setup

Consultation fees

  • Two folks we’d want to consult with eventually, financially limited atm

    • Fundraising mentoring

    • Board mentoring

PDAP reorg

  • Josh Lintag still on the board but will be relinquishing most current responsibilities. Will be around for the most part to help with transitioning and knowledge transfer

  • Extend core volunteers. Former user (Deleted) & Josh Lintag to compare volunteer notes

    • Dolthub could ameliorate the need for more core volunteers. Alec Akin to follow up. Validation work could also be offloaded to volunteers

  • We will be opening up Jira/Confluence to facilitate work for the public pending we address immediate concerns around data submission



  • Determine something a bit better than PayPal to make visible folks that donate

  • Look into options like Stripe or similar solutions to GoFundMe

    • Lower the friction around donating

  • Visual of donation goals and how much left to reach those goals

Uncle Jeff

  • Pending questions in email chain that need to be answered

Action items

  • Alec Akin to follow up with Dolthub and determine if a partnership is possible

  • Josh Lintag to deploy Jira/Confluence standard plan

  • Zach Goulson update front-page site to latest versions