2021-01-20 Leadership Cadence Notes


20 Jan 2021



Discussion topics




Change corp address to Delaware

  • Financing is tedious in Illinois, much easier to do it in Delaware

    • Overhead with moving the official address is much less

  • Eddie Brown (Unlicensed) in talks with the powers that be in Delaware non-profit helpers

  • Board meeting to officialize change of address to facilitate our incorporation and non-profit operations


  • Splunk won’t be providing a discounted license (either on-prem or cloud) until the IRS gives us the 501c3 status

  • Our focus will be on collecting/aggregating/storing data anyway so this isn’t a setback

  • We always have the tedious free version


  • Mailchimp account currently on pdap.io is an account we don’t have access to, so subscription button has been stripped out

  • Josh Lintag will be working on replacing that or adjust it to be something different pending conversations


  • Getting Greetbot updated in Slack again

    • Some minor blockers around getting that set up again that have been unblocked

  • Close to being ready around pointing folks over to the new documentation

  • Primary goal has been to be able to tell 1 story for initial volunteer contributor

Skillsets around DB/scraping facet

  • We need to pull in folks that have those skillsets as it is critical to current/upcoming work

  • DB choices/architecture is needed

Action items

  • Signed up with Rob Brand (agent in DE) and Dana with DE Alliance for Non-Profit Advancement Eddie Brown (Unlicensed)

  • Change address on Google Workspace Josh Lintag

  • Setup board meeting to officialize change of address and update documents Josh Lintag