Welcome to PDAP!

We're making a source of truth for police data.

If you don't know what this is, start at https://pdap.io/.

How to get involved

Collect Data

Get paid to collect data as part of a Data Bounty. Help build a database of police agencies for a community of data collectors!

New to python? Run utilities to check incoming data. Accelerate the data intake process!

Contribute Code

Know python? Contribute to our Data Scrapers repo.

Head to the GitHub Roadmap to work on infrastructure issues.

Donate on PayPal or Patreon, and we'll spend it on Data Bounties and infrastructure improvements. Small recurring donations are most helpful. Stability helps us chart a path.

Use our Data

Our data lives in DoltHub. What can you learn from it? How can it be better?

Join the Community

Head to #introduce-yourself in our Discord server to say hello, ask questions, and meet fellow data nerds.