Welcome to PDAP!

We're making a unified archive of police data.
Read more about our mission at

How do we work?

We're a small but growing multidisciplinary community of transparency-minded people. We're serving the community of people using police data for their work. We meet in Discord. The core PDAP staff keep the lights on, the non-profit board empowers our work, and the broader community moves the mission forward step by step.

How to get involved

Volunteer your skills

Fill out this form if you're good with data, or persistent enough to do research and investigation online. We'll pair volunteers with data requestors.
This is where we collaborate! Even if you don't have time to volunteer, you can give feedback and share what you know. Participate in our information ecosystem!

Other ways to help

Collect Data Sources or submit data you have FOIA requested or scraped

We need help from anyone who can use a computer to contribute to our database of Data Sources. Start here.
Find related open-source projects
There are lots of DIY projects like this one and this one which are based on agency-published data. Find an interesting one, and test it out—if it works, you can submit it as a Data Source. You can signal-boost the projects you like, and you may even find one in need of contributors!

Write a scraper

If you find data you'd like to collect or preserve, make it happen! Start by reading our approach to scraping, and reach out if you need help or guidance. If your strategy for scraping is successful, we'll share it as a case study to help people working on similar projects. If you can't think of anything to scrape yourself, find local groups working on the criminal legal system. They probably have data woes! Reach out if you need a hand.
Start here. We're a non-profit, so your donations may be tax-deductible.

Use our Data

Here's our process. We're in the early days—your project could be one of our first case studies!
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