9/18/21: 501c3 Approval
by Josh Chamberlain

In January, we filed for 501c3 status with the IRS. On August 14, 2021, it was accepted! Police Data Accessibility Project Inc is now a registered nonprofit. Here's our guidestar profile.
The biggest change is that your donations may be tax deductible!

We're volunteer-based, but we want to hire a skeleton crew to keep the lights on. We're on Techsoup, so we can access lots of software at free or reduced rates. We're now a more attractive recipient for grants and large donations.
If you believe in our mission and want to contribute, start here. Text a few people you're close with, too!

We're working on removing roadblocks to data activists (scrapers), and giving them a place to put their unprocessed data.
Once there's a place for the raw data, we need to make submission as seamless as possible with a local app. Our roadmap is here if you'd like to read more or contribute code.
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