Personally Identifiable Information

Can I collect and submit PII?

Resolution on PII policy

In short: yes, you can submit PII from all government-provided data.
PDAP Board decision on PII


RESOLVED, that the Corporation supports the collection, storage, and making accessible of ALL government-provided, public, and legally available law enforcement data, including PII
RESOLVED, that any edits made by the Corporation to the data will be for formatting purposes only to facilitate accessibility


Our mission is to aggregate public police data as faithfully as possible. Only already-public data is in our scope. Once we edit the data, we can no longer draw the required "bright line" to the public source material.


​2 CFR § 200.79​

Some information that is considered to be PII is available in public sources such as telephone books, public Web sites, and university listings. This type of information is considered to be Public PII...
This definition of public data is also supported in HiQ Labs v. LinkedIn.