Roles & Community

Who is PDAP?


We are building a platform which serves two broad groups.
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    Data collectors. They may be volunteering their time, and may be paid by PDAP or someone else to target specific data. PDAP serves them by providing a platform to run data scrapers, a home for the data, and a community of people on the same mission.
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    Data consumers. This is anyone who wants to access the data collected by the volunteer community.
Discord is our primary active community, and where all current roles are delineated. Join us in Discord here.


As an open source nonprofit, our leadership is there to make sure the lights are on and that blockers to forward progress are lifted. Read more here.


Directors are appointed by the board to serve in consistent, active roles to facilitate the work of the volunteer community and access to data by everyone.
A handful of leading contributors are nominated to the PDAP team role in Discord, making them sources of information & decisions if needed.