Using data

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Our database enhances our ability to answer questions and complete research projects about police systems. Ask a question → locate records → process records into data → analyze and report.

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Why is this important?

People need to be able to find data to do anything with it. The foundation of our work is creating a common system for classifying and tracking public data.

Things we can build using our Data Sources database

  • Automatic archives of each URL, creating a lasting resource for future research and web scraping. As it stands, information is lost to time due to data retention policies.

  • Shared progress. When data is liberated, we want to tell people so they don't spend time trying to collect the same stuff.

  • Better transparency. We're demonstrating the limits of the data that's already published, and addressing them one by one.

  • Better systems. If you are working on making your local system more fair, better data could probably help.

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