Submit Data Sources with CLI for a Data Bounty


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The "Data Sources" database
  1. 2.
    Fork the project to your DoltHub account (you will need to create an account if you don't have one).
  2. 3.
    Clone down your copy of the repository.
    dolt clone <your account name>/data_sources && cd data_sources
    dolt table export data_sources > data_sources.csv
  3. 4.
    Open the data_sources.csv file, make changes, and save. Leave id blank—UUIDs are generated automatically. Make sure you're not adding a URL that already exists.
    dolt branch <branch name e.g. add-CA-counties>
    dolt checkout <your branch>
    dolt table import -u data_sources data_sources.csv
  4. 5.
    Run this command to add your csv to your checked out branch.
    dolt add .
  5. 6.
    Push the commit.
    dolt commit -m “<message e.g. added 5 Alameda County data_sources>”
    dolt push --set-upstream origin <your branch>
  6. 8.
    Create a new Pull Request to merge your dataset into master. Select your fork as the from repository, and then your branch will appear as an option. Read more about DoltHub Pull Requests here.