Record Types taxonomy

Examples and descriptions of the Record Types we're collecting.

We use the tags property to add color to a Data Source if there's not a specific enough Record Type.

Police & public interactions


Accident Reports

Records of vehicle accidents, sometimes published so that people involved in an accident can look up the police report.

Arrest Records

Records of each arrest made in the agency's jurisdiction.

Calls for Service

Records of officers initiating activity or responding to requests for police response. Often called "Dispatch Logs" or "Incident Reports" when published.


Records of police car location. Not generally posted online.

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Records of low-level criminal offenses where a police officer issued a citation instead of an arrest.

Dispatch Logs

Records of calls or orders made by police dispatchers.

Dispatch Recordings

Audio feeds and/or archives of municipal dispatch channels.

Field Contacts

Reports of contact between police and civilians. May include uses of force, incidents, arrests, or contacts where nothing notable happened.

Incident Reports

Reports made by police officers after responding to a call which may or may not be criminal in nature. Not generally posted online.

Misc Police Activity

Records or descriptions of police activity not covered by other record types.

Officer Involved Shootings

Case files of gun violence where a police officer was involved, typically as the shooter. Detailed, often containing references to records like Media Bulletins and Use of Force Reports.


Records of pedestrian or traffic stops made by police.


Information captured from a sample of some population, like incarcerated people or magistrate judges. Often generated independently.

Use of Force Reports

Records of use of force against civilians by police officers.

Vehicle Pursuits

Records of cases where police pursued a person fleeing in a vehicle.

Info about officers


Complaints & Misconduct

Records, statistics, or summaries of complaints and misconduct investigations into law enforcement officers.

Daily Activity Logs

Officer-created reports or time sheets of what happened on a shift. Not generally posted online.

none found

Training & Hiring Info

Records and descriptions of additional training for police officers.

Personnel Records

Records of hiring and firing, certification, discipline, and other officer-specific events. Not generally posted online.

Info about agencies


Annual & Monthly Reports

Often in PDF form, featuring summaries or high-level updates about the police force. Can contain versions of other record types, especially summaries.

Budgets & Finances

Budgets, finances, grants, or other financial documents.

Contact Info & Agency Meta

Information about organizational structure, including department structure and contact info.


Maps or geographic data about how land is divided up into municipal sectors, zones, and jurisdictions.

List of Data Sources

Places on the internet, often data portal homepages, where many links to potential data sources can be found.

Policies & Contracts

Policies or contracts related to agency procedure.

Agency-published resources


Crime Maps & Reports

Records of individual crimes in map or table form for a given jurisdiction.

Crime Statistics

Summarized information about crime in a given jurisdiction.

Media Bulletins

Press releases, blotters, or blogs intended to broadly communicate alerts, requests, or other timely information.

Records Request Info

Portals, forms, policies, or other resources for making public records requests.


Agency-provided information or guidance about services, prices, best practices, etc.

Sex Offender Registry

Index of people registered, usually by law, with the government as sex offenders.

Wanted Persons

Names, descriptions, images, and associated information about people with outstanding arrest warrants.

Jails & Courts specific

Other record types can describe jails and courts, especially from the "info about agencies" category.


Booking Reports

Records of booking or intake into corrections institutions.

Court Cases

Records such as dockets about individual court cases.

Incarceration Records

Records of current inmates, often with full names and features for notification upon inmate release.

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