Publish data

Thank you for sharing!

If you have public records or data you want to share more broadly, there are a few ways to go! Make sure to share your published data when you're done.

  • JKAN (for smaller agencies) and CKAN (for larger ones) are two open-source data portals which need to be set up by someone with some technical skills.

  • DocumentCloud can be used for publishing PDFs, and has additional tools for recognizing text (OCR) and annotation. You will need to request verification to publish documents.

  • Your town or region may have an open data portal (here's Pittsburgh's) which may be interested in publishing the data you have.

  • A service like Dropbox can be used to share folders of documents in bulk, with fewer tools for keeping them organized or labeled.

If this is overwhelming, don't worryโ€”we're experts in sharing data. Email for a free consultation.

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