5/26/21: Dolt Bounty Start
by Eric Turner
As of 13:31 (PST) / 16:31 (EST), our Dolt Bounty is officially live! Anyone who adds data into the datasets table will get $0.33 per row (maximum cap is $5,000 for the entire bounty). The bounty is running until July 7th @ 1500 (PST) / 1800 (EST)! You can find more information here about the bounty.
  • Only Dolt bounty related PRs can be approved (so we cannot make our own commits or PRs to master for the next 6 weeks)
  • Only Katie (Dolt Team) can make the PR approvals on the pdap/datasets repo during the active bounty (she needs to use a special internal framework to attribute credit to the bounties)
  • If we to do any schema changes or PRs, we will have to create a separate branch and hold all the changes there. It cannot be merged into master until the bounty is over
  • It will be very beneficial to have us monitor the #data-bounties channel in their Discord. If they have any questions about our dataset, it will help us understand how to improve.
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