5/26/21: Dolt Bounty Start
by Eric Turner
As of 13:31 (PST) / 16:31 (EST), our Dolt Bounty is officially live! Anyone who adds data into the datasets table will get $0.33 per row (maximum cap is $5,000 for the entire bounty). The bounty is running until July 7th @ 1500 (PST) / 1800 (EST)! You can find more information here about the bounty.
    Only Dolt bounty related PRs can be approved (so we cannot make our own commits or PRs to master for the next 6 weeks)
    Only Katie (Dolt Team) can make the PR approvals on the pdap/datasets repo during the active bounty (she needs to use a special internal framework to attribute credit to the bounties)
    If we to do any schema changes or PRs, we will have to create a separate branch and hold all the changes there. It cannot be merged into master until the bounty is over
    It will be very beneficial to have us monitor the #data-bounties channel in their Discord. If they have any questions about our dataset, it will help us understand how to improve.
Last modified 1mo ago
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