Where are we now?
For an up to the moment answer, you can look to our Roadmap.
Welcome to the early days.
We're a 501c3 non-profit corporation as of August 15, 2021. We came into being as an entity (Delaware C-corp) in December 2020. We have enough donations to keep the lights on.
Right now our focus is on documenting an end-to-end proof of concept of our vision for for a small geographic area.

Isn't the scope of this project too big?

We've been hearing that since the very first day, and decided to try anyway.
Since late May 2020, our online population peaked and declined. After some iteration, a core group of 4–8 long term members has been keeping the project moving with the contributions of a rotating talent pool of volunteers.

How are we planning to grow?

We become more effective as we scale each of these services.
​Collection is the group of automated and manual processes that legally gather police data.
​Storage must be archival, verifiable, and secure.
​Standardization normalizes information into a unified format for access at scale.
​Access is anything between a direct download and API web hooks.