6/1/21: Bounty Update 3
  • Still waiting for when we actually start merging PRs for the bounty, Katie (Dolt) has a script she will use for verifying data integrity of bounty PRs (see edit at bottom). If good, PRs will start being merged tomorrow!
  • At the time of writing this post, we have 8 open PRs for the bounty that reflect:
    • over 50,000 row updates on the agencies table (populating lat/lng, city, zip, fips & homepage_url)!
    • 111 new datasets!
    • 4 new data types!
  • The Dolt team is aware of a bug that prevents NULL from being inserted in the csv import and are looking into it now (see attached)
  • As mentioned in the above thread, I removed the UNIQUE constraint on URLs
Not bounty related:
  • We have a few bounty participants that are very interested in actually loading the data and is hoping for another bounty for data-intake
  • One participant, Alexis, has a dolthub repo here with data she has scraped from the FBI for missing persons / wanted persons along with source code here! An excellent addition that we will look into!
– Eric
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