Collect Police Data


Code automated scrapers or follow processes to manually collect data.
    Automated data scrapers regularly consolidate public police information.
    Humans operate semi-automated processes to gather public information
    Facilitate data sharing by good-faith police organizations.


    We always need to know when data was submitted.
    For Datasets, we need to know who submitted the data.
    For Collected Data, we need to know which code was used to scrape the data.

Current state

We're using DoltHub to easily accept tabular data with the ability to audit it later. Dolt does have an API.
We use Python to scrape data into a Hadoop server, long enough that it can be translated to the submission format.

Future state

Scrapers in the PDAP-Scrapers repo are run on a schedule dictated by how often they're refreshed. People could also donate time and computing power to run them locally.
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